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Restore production as much as 60% by cleaning your solar panel system.

The problem that gets lost in this renewable energy boom is that most people don't know solar panels are supposed to be cleaned.

Dust covers the solar panels protective glass and blocks sunlight from reaching the solar cells. It is recommended that panels are cleaned every 3-6 months depending on wind and dust in your area.


 Solar panel cleaning is one of the easiest solutions to maximize your solar panel system's production!


System Repair

Whether it's the solar water heater, pool heating or Electrical production the Solar Panel Doctors have extensive knowledge on how to fix systems. We don't go to the location and start scratching our heads, we know how to identify problems and resolve issues with quality and efficiency.

Solar panel electric and pool installation in Buena Park, California.

Solar Installations

We can install PV, Pool and water heating solutions. We pride ourselves as a one stop shop because of the knowledge and network built over years in the solar industry. Whether its an existing system that needs to be replaced, fixed or a brand new install. We can take care of it all.

Enphase Energy Legacy Micro-Inverter Upgrade

Micro Maestro


Our Knowledge and Experience of Enphase products is second to none.  We Install and highly recommend Micro-Inverter systems.

Legacy Installation

Enphase R Envoy and Enphase IQ Envoy

The Solar Panel Doctors can install Enphase Legacy products for existing and new clients. Call Today for a quote.

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Solar Panel Removal

Like Installation but Backward.  Remove and Re-install your panels when needed.  Complimentary panel cleaning included.

solar panel tilt system

Efficiency Tilt Systems

For north facing or solar panels on flat roofs, a panel tilt system can greatly increase production.


Bird Deterrent

Birds can cause damage to homes and create noise issues. By placing low-profile solar specific fencing on solar panels and placing owls as deterrent, we can stop them from nesting under your system permanently.

Fronius inverter replacement performed by the Solar Panel Doctors in Placentia, California.

Inverter Warranty Replacement

When you see a red light on your solar inverter, something is wrong.  In most cases it can be fixed but if your inverter has had enough and the system is under 10 years old, theres a strong chance the inverter will still be under warranty.  Enphase Energy micro-inverters and SolarEdge optimizers also carry warranty that we are able to activate and replace.  

Solar panel cleaning performed by The Solar Panel Doctors in Riverside, California.

How We Clean Solar Panels

Using soap or cleaning solution can reflect sunlight and can damage solar panels over time. The Solar Panel Doctors use an old fashioned technique to get the job done: Muscle. Also some microfiber brushes, water and a squeegee to finish. Leaving the panels looking like the day they were installed.   


Service You Can Trust

We are not your old solar company, we are your new solar guys. Committed to delivering the best customer service and quality workmanship.  We stand by our work and offer fair pricing.

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Notice a sudden increase in your electric bill?  Wondering if your system is not performing as it should?  Find out for sure with the Solar Panel Doctors.

Solar Installations


Dont be this guy. Let us help you make right decision to meet your financial and energy needs.

Bird Detterent


Need we say more? Get rid of those nuisances the humane way.

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Look at the difference routine maintenance can have on your system.



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