Say you have a 12 cylinder supercar but only 6 cylinders work.  It’s a waste of power.  What’s the point of getting such a beauty if not to use it at its maximum potential?  We are in a crisis right now where we have too many system owners who are not aware that they are only receiving a fraction of what they could be.

  More times than not it’s because no one informed them.  Too many times companies and salesmen come and go without knowing the basic principles of how solar works such as if there is shade or something obstructing the panel’s sunlight then it doesn’t work like it should.

Outdoors and constantly being exposed solar panels are continuously getting dirty. Solar Panels should be cleaned every four to six months for maximum efficiency and value. 

 Fortunately, you do not have to think cleaning as an out of pocket expense. The formula used to estimate how much a cleaning cost almost always allows the cleaning to pay for itself and more due to the increased amount of energy produced.  So now not only do they look brand new again but they are performing like new again.  A true win-win scenario.

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