Solar Installations


Finding the right company to install your system is one of the most crucial and undervalued process in getting solar.  The hassle of looking and trying to figure which company is the most reliable and trustworthy.  Unfortunately, there are many companies that claim to be knowledgeable and experienced but are in fact the quite opposite.  

The solar boom exposed a great opportunity for homeowners and businessmen alike to capitalize on a free and abundant resource, the sun, but...

  • Are they knowledgeable about the industry? 
  • Do they hire employees with experience? 
  • Will my company take care of issues when they occur?

Here’s where the Solar Panel Doctors show up.  Before a company can send their top salesman to throw numbers and give you false guarantees (salesmen can be inexperienced as well) why not bring in a specialist to sort out the crowded field of opportunists.

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